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First-class hospitality and joie de vivre

“I’ve lived long enough to know that every generation says the same thing, and the next generation couldn’t care less about it,” wrote Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin in La physiologie du goût almost 150 years ago.

At Au Cœur de la Côte, our vision is different: we are contemporary without compromising on tradition. Hospitality and joie de vivre are at the heart of our values.

In 1896, Madame Cherpillod purchased the building and converted it into a café. In 1925, Emma Straub took over the Cœur de la Côte and ran the establishment for 30 years. She was succeeded by two more generations of the Straub family.

Since 1999, Doris Antonini and Philip Wolfsteiner – both graduates of the Swiss Hotel Management Academy Lucerne – have been running the business with love and passion.

Today, the restaurant offers beautiful rooms for every occasion.

The Malakoff: the inside story

In 1853, Napoléon III’s troops passed through the Côte on their way to Crimea. As they passed, they recruited our villagers as mercenaries to reinforce their battalions. Finally, after 14 months of fighting, Fort Malakoff was taken, heralding the beginning of victory.

At the end of the war in 1855, survivors were returning to the village in their hundreds. Napoléon demanded that his starving mercenaries be fed, prompting his chef to take some cheese and fry it in lard. And thus the ‘Malakoff’ was born, in honour of the battle.


En libre service en face du restaurant dans l’automate

24h / 24h – 7j / 7j

Malakoff congelés déjà cuits à réchauffer au four – voir la notice d’instruction 

boite de 4 pièces: Fr. 20.–
boite de 6 pièces:
Fr. 30.–
boite de 12 pièces:
Fr. 59.– ( pas valable dans l’automate )

(à partir de 50 pièces, prière de me contacter) au 079 / 697 97 52

L’Atelier du Malakoff, Route du Pallatez 5, 1183 Etoy  ( lundi à vendredi )



Isn’t it good to know you’ve made the right decision?

Our restaurant offers different rooms to suit every occasion. The beautiful dining room, country bistro or magnificent, flowered terrace with views over Mont Blanc and the lake are the perfect venues for your family parties, celebrations and business dinners.

To make the occasion even more special we can arrange to serve your aperitifs in our beautifully landscaped garden.

Our marketplace cuisine caters to every need – from simple set menus to the gastronomic menu.

Share your ideas with us and we will be happy to make them a reality.


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Restaurant Au Cœur de la Côte
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Summer: from June 6th to July 7th
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See you soon!

Doris Antonini and the team at Au Cœur de la Côte